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About Me

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The company name Saving One’s Sanity, is a play on the Morse Code signal for “distress,” or S.O.S.

I’m Sue Lowry, founder of Saving One’s Sanity, LLC, and I take a simple approach when I’m at work with my clients; I want to save them from what distresses them.

Here’s the reality; there are hundreds of decisions that my clients need to make on every organizing project.  It’s that feeling of being “overwhelmed” that tends to be the most common cause of work-stoppage.   It’s hard, I get it, but I have an advantage – I spent 20 years in the Human Resource field.  It’s my certification as an Executive Coach that has contributed enormous value in helping me teach my clients how to power through their most difficult projects.

Whether it’s…

  • decluttering space to make way for a new member of the family.
  • preparing their home for market so it sells fast and for more money.
  • emptying their storage unit so they no longer waste money on rent for objects that serve no purpose.
  • transitioning their loved one to assisted care because it’s time.

My philosophy on what I do for a living is…

…that I love helping my clients get the answers out of their heads and put it into action.
…that using a product Made in America is good for business.
…that we all deserve to live a joyful life.

So, don’t postpone your happiness. To get started, call me at (484) 702-2295.

About My Experience

As a Professional Organizer, my skills include identifying the root causes that leads to clutter and disorganization.  I work with each client to assess their needs, then I develop a “plan of action” and review it thoroughly with my client.  No matter what the project is – a bedroom closet, kitchen, basement, or garage, my goal is to help my client reach “stuff equilibrium” (Andrew Mellen).  In order to live conveniently and comfortably, “stuff equilibrium” is the point where a balance of having just enough stuff and the right stuff is achieved and sustained.

As an Accredited Staging Professional©, I professionally prepare homes for the market place.  Not only does clutter cause distress, but it also “eats up” equity by eating-up your space!  And when a buyer can’t see the features of the space, they can’t see themselves living in the space.  Whether the home is occupied or vacant, my business model has a solution for every circumstance and budget.  “The investment IN staging your home will always be less than a price reduction ON your home.” (Barbara Schwarz).

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About My Business Model

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National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), Greater Philadelphia Chapter (GPC)  NAPO is the industry standard for Organizing theories and procedures. I’m an active member of the GPC and an Event Volunteer (Project Thanks, Cradles to Crayons).

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As an Accredited Staging Professional© (ASP©) I’ve been trained by the best of the best in the industry. ASP© Founder, Barbara Schwartz is known for her poignant sayings, “Staging is not about decorating your home, it’s about selling your home.” She’s right, a 2014 Zillow home staging statistic indicates that curb appeal is first AND hiring a professional home stager is second, as the most important investments a seller can make.

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In 2013, Mayor Nutter partnered with Community Legal Services to develop a process in which the city is to handle hoarding cases. Agencies across city government have come together to develop a necessary practice of what has become a very serious hazard. The Task Force’s focus is on the person, to resolve immediate issues fairly and compassionately while seeing long-term solutions.

Giving Back

I’m thankful for the opportunities this business has given me.  And so, a portion of my earnings are donated to the following organizations: