De-stress your Distress

I’m Sue Lowry, founder of Saving One’s Sanity, Professional Organizer and Accredited Home Stager, LLC.  My company name is a play on the Morse code signal for “distress,” or as we more commonly refer to it, an S.O.S.  If your home has caused you to be distressed, then hire a Professional Organizer to help.

Feeling “overwhelmed” tends to be the most common cause of work-stoppage.  The burden of what lies before someone may be too much for them to handle.  It’s hard, I get it. I’ve been told I’m very good at gently laying out all the facts. Having spent 20 years in the Human Resource’s field, it’s my Executive Coaching certification that has contributed enormous value in teaching my clients how to power through their difficult projects.

Call Sue today to de-stress your distress!

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Where Do I Begin?

Why Can’t I Just Start Organizing?

You may be stuck in the past. 

Uncomfortable memories of decisions that you wish you could do over.  Those choices are how we got stuck in the first place and you can neither forget them NOR forgive them.

When Grandma Mary’s china cabinet is handed down to you because no one else in the family will claim it.  When our closets are jammed with multiple sizes of the same button-down because it’s 17 years later and still we’ve convinced ourselves that the last 30 pounds of baby weight will come off before summer… Damn It!

Our past-reality of the china is understanding that we’ve never developed the ability to say “No.”  Our past-reality of our closet is coming to terms with the fact that you’ll never get your pre-baby body back.

And while we may not get over what we couldn’t foresee in the past, we do have to get past it.


Where in the World Do I Begin?

This is why hiring a Professional Organizer who is skilled in coaching will get you past, the past.

Letting go of the china and the size 4’s may feel like a marathon before our session, but afterwards, a simple walk in the park.

Let It Go Project:

Included in my service is assistance with finding the right destination for all of the stuff that you are LETTING GO.  It’s time consuming looking for a qualified vendor that you trust for the project.  I have access to a network of partners, from companies that haul-out, to consign, to donate, to auction.  So, LET me help you to LET IT GO.

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Philadelphia Hoarding Task force…Mayor Nutter’s Office has partnered with Community Legal Services to develop a process in which the city is to handle hoarding cases. Agencies across city government have come together to develop a necessary practice of what has become a very serious hazard. The Task Force’s focus is on the person, to resolve immediate issues fairly and compassionately while seeking long-term solutions. The objective is to prevent unnecessary evictions of city residents. These are people in need – whether they can admit it or not – and they require patience and respect from everyone involved. Read more about the Task Force here: