Home Staging Packages and Pricing

Phone Consultation:

I offer my clients a complimentary, 30 minute phone consultation to discuss their project, circumstance and goals.  I will be asking you to send me pictures, so I can plan for the best solution.  Don’t delay your happiness, call me today at (484) 702-2295.

In-Home Consultation:

Minimum of 2-hours. In order to provide a quality Action Plan, a “walk and talk” of the home is needed. At the conclusion, I give the Action Plan to my client for immediate implementation. Pricing is $200.

Hands-On Staging:

There are many factors that will determine the package price, such as: Is the home occupied or vacant? Will furniture need to be rented? What’s the project timeline?  It’s free to have a conversation, so call me today at (484) 702-2295 to discuss the budget.