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The company name, Saving One’s Sanity, is a play on the Morse Code signal for “distress,” or as we more commonly refer to it, an S.O.S.

I’m Sue Lowry, founder of Saving One’s Sanity, LLC, and I take a simple approach when I’m at work with my clients; I want to save them from their distress.

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As a Professional Organizer, my skills include identifying the root causes that lead to clutter and disorganization within one’s living space. I work with each client assessing their needs and developing a “clutter control plan of action” that allows for a stress-free environment – whether it’s a closet, bedroom, basement or garage. My goal is to coach my client to take control of their surroundings, belongings, time, paper, and systems for the rest of their life.

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storage professional | Saving One's Sanity

Clutter “eats up” equity by eating-up your space! And when a buyer can’t see the space or the features of the room/home, they begin to ask themselves, “What’s wrong here?” As an Accredited Home Stager, I professionally prepare properties for the market place. My company can do as much or as little of the work as the client wants. I will feature their staged home on StagedHomes.com – providing another source of exposure in the real estate market. “The investment IN staging your home will always be less than a price reduction ON your home.” (Barbara Schwarz, StagedHomes.com Founder)

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Hi Sue,

               I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate the help with unpacking our home.  As you can imagine, an international relocation is hard enough on the family and the last thing we were looking forward to doing was, to unpack.  Your team… Denise, Angie and Deena were professional, polite and fast!  I felt like they completely understood what needed to be done and only on occasion, would ask for direction.   Please extend my thanks to all of them.

Dr. Dionne Shimski
Dear Sue,

Where do I begin?  Thank you for getting my house back! Your ideas AND the products you used were great.  I love my dining room - no more xbox.  The linen closet was a monster, but my closet was worse.  It helped that you took the donations with you, out of sight, out of mind.  You're the best.

Sue,Your help was greatly appreciated.  The basement is working out beautifully.  But, more than that, I appreciate your conviction to privacy.  As you know, I was really ashamed of the space and didn't want my family to know that you were helping. I really appreciate you taking the donations and trash away; one less thing for me to worry about. I'm thinking of doing my closet, so I'll let you know. 🙂
YEAH!  I love my basement!  When I ask the kids to find something down there, they know exactly where to go because you made it so easy.  I never would have thought of the dry-erase board trick.  You are very creative and imaginative. Everything is exactly as I envisioned to be, I just couldn't get started.  Thank you, Samantha
Dear Sue, I appreciate you helping me organize my mom and dads "stuff."  As their primary care giver, I really needed to be able to respond quickly to doctors, hospitals and insurance companies.
When my elderly mom needed to move out of her house in Newtown, PA and into a personal care facility, I called Sue Lowry of Saving One’s Sanity for help. The move was unexpected and needed to be accomplished in just two short weeks. Sue came to the rescue. She expertly and good-naturedly spearheaded every aspect of the move with ease and confidence; was respectful of my mom’s belongings and my sometimes irrational attachment to particular items; orchestrated the sorting, discarding, donating and going-with-my-mom process; lovingly packed every item, inventoried and numbered each box and ultimately provided a master list of where everything was located; and lastly, was onsite to coordinate the actual move and storage unit setup. Sue not only saved my sanity, she saved me from every pitfall that befall a move. I highly recommend her.
Thank you so, so much for helping with Dorothy's home.  I'm so glad you were able to come the day after we talked. It was really important to organize the house while she was at the rehab hospital.  My biggest concern was for her safety, she needed space for her scooter to get her around the house when she came home.  I couldn't believe how many boxes and bags we stuffed.  I'm sure she'll be happy with the results.
Dear Sue,When my mom was injured after falling over the clutter in her bedroom, I knew it was time to do something about it.  Thank you for stepping in.  There was a lot to go through, but you were able to make sense of it all.  I appreciate you taking the electronics away for recycling too.  My mom and I are really happy with the results.  Again, thank you so much and I’ll be sure to spread the word. 
I have had Sue work with me on large projects and she has been amazing. My clients and I look forward to the days that we work with her, as she adds a ray of sunshine to our projects. We are pleased with her work, her ethics, her understanding of what needs to be done, and how to do it most efficiently. Sue is super responsive to clients’ needs and I have found her to come up with creative solutions. She goes above and beyond. If you hire Sue, you will be pleased and know that you made the right decision.
Anna S., Berwyn, PA
I was the NAPO-GPC New Member Ambassador when Sue joined the National Association of Professional Organizers. We had the opportunity to talk on several occasions and I quickly realized the similarity in our work ethic and customer service values. I invited Sue to join me on a project that was being led by a local church to help a client who hoards. She was quick to jump in and has been invaluable as a subcontractor from the beginning. She quickly met my expectations, has gained my confidence and has become a source that I always trust to meet my clients goals as a solo organizer or as part of a team. My clients appreciate her willingness to accommodate them on a moment’s notice and give wonderful feedback about her work. For all these reasons and many more I enjoy working with Sue and hope to continue working with her in the future.
Darla P., Kintnersville, PA