Phone Consultation Pricing   –   free of charge

I’d be happy to discuss your project and the goal you’d like to achieve.  Call me at (484) 702-2295.

Hands-On Pricing   –   by the hour

  • Short-Term Help:  This is perfect for a smaller, “one-space” project.
  • Multi-Session Help:   This is perfect for a project requiring moderate (one room) or significant (whole house) effort.
  • Long-Term Help:   This is perfect to sustain an organized space.  Once a month for 4 hours over a 10 month period of time. My objective is to work myself out of a job by ensuring my client knows how to sustain the systems we’ve put in place.

Help With Hoarding Pricing   –   based on a sliding scale

Call me at (484) 702-2295 for details and pricing.

Organizing Products   –   only if my client says it’s ok

From time to time, I recommend products that may simplify the solution. With my Client’s permission, I’ll shop and purchase these products. The last invoice for the project will show the charges for these products and a copy of the receipt is given to the Client.